Happy Residence Card Day!

It’s July 9th, and I almost forgot to note that those Japan-side readers of mine (who aren’t Japanese) are under a new registration system there.

It’s going to be neat, hearing the stories of people who are coming into the system new; especially, whether Japan is going to use the occasion to start enforcing its social insurance laws. Will people who get issued the new card, which is tied to a national database, also get nudged into paying into the pension and health insurances? Finally??

I have a feeling that the immediate answer will still be “no”. But one thing will be different, and that’s that some group of people in a centralized department will be keeping track of this.

For years now, I’ve thought that is so wild. When a Japanese comes to America, he/she goes right into our U.S. social security. Health care, if they’re lucky, they are on the employer’s group policy. But in Japan, this is all tough negotiating for the foreigner, and generally outright cheating and dodging.

Has anyone made plans to get the new card ahead of their expiration? I’d like to hear stories.

[Update: via Japan Today, glitches in the system.]