I would appreciate follow-up, if any of my readers work for Interac. Is the contract written to imply at will? Even a 30-day notice at will?


This is only coming from a Facebook group, but I read this exchange from earlier this week:

What the one commenter reports is that Interac is writing a term in their employment contracts to say that the employee is “agreeing” that they can be dismissed at will. There is no “at will” employment in Japan. So what is going on?

It isn’t clear at the moment, but the commenter also is telling us that there is some sort of other form that Interac tries to get its employees to sign at the end of the contract, to the effect that the person is “quitting”, (not that Interac is no longer offering continued employment, term-limited or otherwise.) I really do believe that this paper is a way to try to get around unemployment insurance, because I had IBM Japan pull that with me in 2009. They sought to have me…

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