More Joe Paterno scandal in the New York Times. Pennsylvania corruption is very deep.

So now it turns out, that the late Joe Paterno went looking for a bigger retirement package once it became clear that the crimes he was looking the other way about, were going to come to light.

The president of Penn State, Graham Spanier, is making noises to the effect that Paterno was the real decision maker at the school. It’s both hard and easy to believe.

Pennsylvania needs to get rid of this “strongman culture” where whoever has more power gets to write the rules and say what the law is. We need to become a state ruled by law and not by men.

It’s disappointing, when you consider that Pennsylvania was one of the most progressive places in the world during the 17th and 18th centuries. Sometime 200 years ago, the place lost its position in the vanguard and became some kind of corrupt league of personal feifdoms.

What an embarrassment!

[Update 7/15/12: From Yahoo News and the Associated Press — on Paterno’s mural, the artist has painted over the halo. Sandusky was painted out of the mural sometime ago . . . ]