Obama for America TV ad: “Firms”


Have you seen this one yet? It’s genius. Mitt Romney is singing “America the Beautiful” off key, or as if he’s not familiar with the song. (Like he just learned about it for the campaign.) In the meantime, words on the screen, backgrounded by related images, tell the story of how Mitt Romney shipped American jobs overseas and hides his money in tax havens like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.


4 Replies to “Obama for America TV ad: “Firms””

    1. I like this one for its cutting accuracy. I don’t think it’s dirty politics, since it’s directed at a party that asked “where’s the birth certificate” for four years. It’s more like just desserts.

      1. Didn’t intend to be unclear, Hoofin. The comment about dirty politics was a general statement and was regardless of party or affiliation. I just would like to see an honest campaign but we know that won’t happen, unfortunately.

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