Vicky Triponey told Joe Paterno to have his players fly straight, and got fired.

The Newark Star Ledger ( has the story.

I was wondering where this person was: someone who was smelling the smells around the Penn State football program, and spoke up about it. Even though the issue here was not Sandusky, but rather the fact that some Penn State players used to get in trouble, it’s not surprising that in the Pennsylvania strong-man environment, Ms. Triponey got gotten rid of—and ended up in New Jersey. New Jersey gets made fun of for a few things, mostly undeserved, but one thing is certain: when it comes to smelly politics, it can’t beat Pennsylvania.

[More later.]

[Update 7/21/12: Vicky Triponey in her own words.]


2 Replies to “Vicky Triponey told Joe Paterno to have his players fly straight, and got fired.”

    1. Well, I am going to let the comment through, until/unless I find something beyond the pale in those links. It sounds like you are trying to say that Ms. Triponey was either a hard-fist administrator or a ham handed one. Except, I don’t see how this absolves Joe Paterno.

      You know, I know a lot about Pennsylvania. I know all the smells. A lot of times, what goes on in this state is that the person looking to set things right has a smear campaign started about them. So I have to take some of this anti-Triponey material with a grain of salt.

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