Small name change, above.

If you are a regular reader, you’re not being punked. I’ve finally decided to go with “Hoofin” as the name of the website. It’s the first (and only) name change since May 2003. Mostly, it aligns my individual branding here with my Twitter handle. There was also some confusion as to whether I blogged “as” Hoofin or “on” Hoofin, and this makes a nice ambiguity, because you could say either.

In an eccentric blogging sort of way, it’s like how Debbie Harry would say that she was “in” the group Blondie, but she was not Blondie. But she became known as Blondie because of the close association and the hair. Probably whatever sold records.

I think in May 2003 there were only about an estimated one million blogs, so it was an early adapter thing I did. I caught a bit of controversy because I was hyper-local, and did news and articles from the Bridgewater, Somerset County, New Jersey area. I used a pen name, but was by no means anonymous. When I go back and look at some of the entries, I am surprised that certain individuals in Bridgewater Township actually thought blogs that commented on the news were, how to put it? Controversial. Proto-trolls, for the most part.

According to WordPress, one of the next entries is number 3,000. Compared to the people who Twitter all darn day, or spend it on Facebook, I suppose that’s nothing. But it has been, after all, over nine years. So I feel it does count for something.

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