Delete the wheat update: 18 pounds lost.

I wrote a bit about Dr. William Davis’ “Wheat Belly”, and linked to one of his sites.

I’m happy to share with you that, since about May, I haven’t been eating wheat. This actually started as a cut back in March, before I had heard of Wheat Belly. The book just did more convincing.

I’ve tried to lose weight seriously, maybe, about four or five times as an adult. I’ve only been long-term successful once—when I got away from Philadelphia fast food and adopted walking as a habit. This was going, then, from the low 260’s to the mid-to-high 230’s. The lower 200’s seemed to be weights that I couldn’t hit, really, ever again.

So what a surprise to step on a scale and be 218. In metric system, which I think most of my readership is more familiar with, that would be 99 kilograms. It’s like an odometer mark, in reverse.

The main change has been “delete the wheat”. I added more walking (maybe 7 1/2 miles a day instead of three), but that’s only been in the past couple weeks. In the mid 1990’s, I used to walk five miles a day, and maybe totaled 16,000 miles between Bridgewater Township and Somerville Borough, in New Jersey, between 1995 and May 2005. (The sneakers you see, above, were walking the Sumida River prominade in Koto Ward around June 2005.)

Walking has always been about maintenance. I don’t think I lose weight walking, but it has let me make mistakes in my general diet. Not eating the wheat, though, has definitely changed how much of OTHER foods I eat. I tend not to get as hungry, and I have generally been eating less—even though I’m burning calories on the walk.

You would be surprised how easy it is to get rid of wheat products in your diet.

Everyone who struggles with weight gain should consider going “wheat free” for just one month, and see what happens. You might be surprised.