Pennsylvania Voter ID law: will it survive the court challenge? (Banana republic watch.)

Slate had a piece on how observers outside of Pennsylvania can’t believe the nuttiness going on within the Commonwealth.

There is no voter fraud problem in Pennsylvania, and so, therefore, no need for an ID rule in order to vote.

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[Update 8/4/12: I’ve been getting my thoughts together on this one. You know, it’s really clear that one main push behind “Voter ID” is to keep black turnout (African American turnout) low. This is because it’s less likely that blacks have the state driver’s license. Even if it’s 85% versus 95%. Additionally, it’s to keep old people away, by making it harder for them to prove who they are. (They have been voting for years on now, and maybe don’t drive anymore, so they didn’t keep their license registration up to date.)

Both of these groups tend to be Democratic voters. So if the hack Republicans in Harrisburg can keep a certain percentage away from the polls in November—even if it’s 5%—they must think, as the one representative said, that they can swing the election to Romney.

Black people in America are like the canary in the coal mine. When the runners of things decide that they are going to start screwing with the everyday people of this society, they first target the black people and see what they can get away with. This is what happened with “the drug war”, and with subprime mortgages. The slavery system, too, when you go way, way back. Now, they’re trying to do it with voting “checks” and what have you. The everyday whites don’t see it coming, but, sure enough, once they stop blacks from voting easily, guess who’s next?]