The fascinating story of Kou Mizushina, a Japanese in New York who became the first head of #IBMJapan.

From the Josai International University website (English/Japanese).

These are little known facts:

The first employee of IBM Japan (then called Nippon Watson Toukeiki) was Kou Mizushina, an employee of the New York office of Morimura Trading Company.

Mizushina was trained by IBM in its facilities in Endicott, New York, and sent to Japan as the agent for IBM.

When World War II broke out, the Japanese government confiscated the IBM Japan property, and threw Kou Mizushina in jail as a suspicious person / possibly enemy collaborator.

Through the Supreme Command Allied Powers (SCAP), IBM was able to resuscitate its business, but not after the New York office recapitalized it on three different occasions.

Kou Mizushina, surviving incarceration, was re-installed by IBM headquarters as the head of IBM Japan, which he served as throughout the 1950’s.

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