News sources say it will be a Romney-Ryan ticket for the US Republicans.

From the Huffington Post.

If this is true, the good news for Romney is that Paul Ryan injects some enthusiasm from the hardcore “conservative” base of Republicans who have become the dominant faction in that party.

The bad news is that Ryan is mostly associated with a plan to turn seniors’ government health care in America (“Medicare”) into a voucher program, where the elderly will have to shop for insurance and pay any differences between what the insurance company offers in the market, and whatever the value of the voucher is.

President Obama has been working hard to keep the pressure on Romney all summer so far. I wonder a bit, as Romney has been trying to appeal more to the center with a message that Obama has not “solved” the economy, that he was forced into a Ryan choice before the convention, to shore up his base. Obama has been seeking to make Romney seem extreme (which he is on the sparse platform he’s presented to us). Romney has tried to waffle a bit, particularly by citing his business experience and Massachusetts record, to suggest that he is a competent technocrat. This got the right-wingers upset. They basically want someone who Rush Limbaugh or another talk radio loudmouth would dream up as the ideal candidate. Thus, Ryan is shoring up (or shutting up) the loudmouths.

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