US Election: As I said, this is Johnson-Goldwater (1964).

Mitt Romney’s fundraiser tape makes that clear, doesn’t it?

How unlikely is it, that someone from the Obama campaign won’t connect these two things:

1) Romney-Ryan’s former statements about making changes to Medicare, the popular senior citizen (government) health care program;


2) Romney complaining about the “47 percent” who don’t pay federal income tax, and expect the government to take care of them?

It’s like one cord sitting there, waiting to be connected to the other cord. How can the senior citizen voter trust that Romney wouldn’t make devastating changes to Medicare, when, hanging out with his multi-millionaire contributor buddies, he’s whining about the certain people who want the government giving them things for free?

Considering that most Medicare beneficiaries don’t cover their costs–even with past contributions and $99 monthly premium—who is it who’s getting things handed to them for free?

The more that people get educated about Romney-Ryan, the more likely you will see Johnson-Goldwater.