Pennsylvania Republicans LIE away about Kathleen Kane, Attorney General candidate.

It was in a TV ad, which is said to be disappearing, but you can find as part of a critique one YouTube Vlogger did recently:

(It’s in the first 20 seconds; the Vlogger then goes on for maybe 10 minutes.)

The ad accuses Kane of negotiating really weak plea bargains on criminal cases in her northeast Pennsylvania county. Whether whatever “weak” is supposed to mean, it turns out that the instance featured in the ad wasn’t even her work. Someone in the Republican Party sleaze factory decided to play fast and loose with the facts, and the next thing you know, Kathleen Kane goes from hard-knuckled prosecutor to wet noodle.

You have to call a lie a lie, and that’s exactly what Kathleen Kane did earlier this week. But the ad kept running.

It’s fairly obvious what the Republican challenger, David Freed, decided to do. President Obama is running 10% ahead in Pennsylvania, and that’s the kind of strength that starts moving the so-called “down ballot” races into the Democratic column. So Freed decided to toxify Kathleen Kane in the minds of voters. He could not do this on his own, so one of these shadowy outside groups was employed.

I have been trying to figure out where I’ve seen Kathleen Kane before. She just seemed very familiar, and I think it’s the Temple Law connection, since she also graduated from there. I have only, really, one good friend from my law school days, who is my good friend from college as well. So I just don’t remember Kathleen Kane when I went there.

As longtime readers know, I basically think Temple Law, circa early 1990s, was a cesspool of political correctness. A hellhole run by people who were shoving whatever goofy, social lefty sh*t onto the relatively powerless everyday types like myself that they could get away with. I’m a progressive, but not Politically Correct. Since I don’t remember Kane as one of those [lefty types], she is probably the square, real-deal prosecutor that all the credible sources in the state paint her to be.

Politics goes low. It really always did, except more money and technology makes the poison spread farther and more thinly. But that’s no reason for the public to put up with it; and I hope the Pennsylvania voting public gets the real story to replace whatever this goofy ad was seeking to do.