Radical group in Tokyo looking to back out of the 1945 deal with the Allies.

Or so I gather from this article in Japan Times.

Tokyo Ishin no Kai, a group of three members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, had submitted a petition that was subsequently voted down seeking to declare the 1947 Constitution illegal because it was passed while Japan was under the Allied Occupation. Instead, the group wants the prewar 1890 Meiji Constitution, which granted emperors political powers, recognized.

As I learned history, the reason that Japan was accepted back into the community of nations, and that the San Francisco treaty was ratified, was that Japan adopted the 1947 Constitution.

It’s astounding that the relatively young Mr. Hashimoto would even get two degrees proximate to any set of political eccentrics who are making noise about the Meiji Constitution.

Hopefully our people in Tokyo (i.e. the Embassy that is supposed to represent our interests there) will point out the concern people in the United States should have if Japan ever decided to re-adopt the 1890 Meiji document.