Real Clear Politics fogs things up.

Another post in my series on the 2012 US presidential race.

There is one site with a following, that claims to be an opinion aggregator seeking balance, called Real Clear Politics. (It’s been around, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.)

What surprised me once I started to spend more time on it, though, is how the “balance” is of the style, of going out and finding more extreme right views in America (a la Fox “News”), and then pretending that that is the balance.

Lately, they’ve featured quite a bit from Washington Examiner, a newspaper in Northern Virginia that is given out for free (just like a blog!)

Does a website that shills for the political right-side equal the same thing as a news aggregator that is actually presenting a balance? Does the fact that, yes, linking the New York Times mean that the bias isn’t to the right?

If the purpose of RCP is to provide the right-wing answer to what other mainstream media sources are reporting, why don’t they just come out and say it?