Did JFK lose the popular vote?

A gem of an article, from picking through what Real Clear Politics has regurgitated on the internet.

Because America elects its presidents by the electoral college, there have been instances where the winner of the popular vote does not go on to be President. (Al Gore is the contemporary example, in 2000.) The piece says that the way Alabama’s popular vote has been treated, historically, makes it seem that JFK had received more votes than his competitor(s). (Can you name the man who came in second?)

In fact, Alabamians had mostly voted for a slate of uncommitted electors. It was presumed that these electors would vote for Harry Byrd. The plan was to deny either party an electoral college majority, and force the election into the House of Representatives. There, each Southern state would receive one vote. The result was to try and stymie desegregation and civil rights issues by siding with the party who would cut the Old Confederacy its best deal. Shades of 1877.

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