US healthcare news: Obamacare closed the “doughnut hole”. Plus, possible “public option”?

Class Warfare Exists links an interview with a pharmacist in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, which is near here. HE talks about how seniors sometimes cut their medication in half, because they can’t afford the full bill. America has covered prescription drugs for older people (age 65 and above) since the mid 2000’s. But at some modest number, that coverage disappears. Then, reappears once the costs reach a more catastrophic number. This is nicknamed “the doughnut hole”, and Obamacare closes it between now and 2020.

IN the 2010 health care legislation, we did not get a “public option”: an insurance program that would be run by the government, similar to the Medicare described above.

However, there looks to be two federally-sponsored insurance entities that will compete with state exchanges for newly-enrolling customers. The Times says, “U.S. to sponsor health insurance plans nationwide. If these are set up as federally run, nonprofit corporations, how is that any different than a public option? It will be interesting to follow this as more news comes out.

[Update: Now some insurers feel that a repeal of Obamacare isn’t such a great idea . . . ]

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