Mother Jones on the sugar industry’s paid liars, since the 1970s.

Here. More later.

[Update: Ah, yes. It’s the naysaying and raising doubts. “Well, with just one study, we can’t be shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure that the results are well grounded in science!!!” It sounds like Dr. Yudkin, who Dr. Lustig (“Sugar, the bitter truth” viral vid) mentions, was hot on the trail of sugar as the main cause of the diabetes and heart disease epidemics—in the 1960s. He was out of England. Once he got close to showing some causation, industry shut him down. Then, in America, whenever a sugar substitute came to the fore, industry sought to tie it to some cancer-causing study and get it banned.

Now, in 2012, Metabolic Disease is becoming more and more known to the general public. And the science is showing that sugar, in excess, is making this disease widespread (75 million Americans have it, many not knowing they do).

Dr. Lustig, like Dr. Yudkin before him, is right, that fructose (the sweet part of sugar) is a “chronic, dose-dependent hepatotoxin”, a liver toxin like alcohol. It doesn’t mean ban sugar, but it does mean regulate sugar.]

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