Huffington Post: Congressional Dems won more votes than Republicans in the 2012 election, but get way fewer House seats.

I ran my own numbers for Pennsylvania the other day, and it’s true!

According to HuffPo, this is the news from the website ThinkProgess:

Democrats hold an edge over Republicans in overall votes. According to ThinkProgress, 53,952,240 votes were cast for Democratic candidates, while Republican candidates received 53,402,643. However, thanks in part to redistricting, Republicans will hold more than half the seats in the House while receiving less than half of overall votes.

So the House GOP’s victory alongside President Obama is not so much a similar one of the “will of people”, but rather the fact that in states where the Republicans controlled the line drawing, they did so in a way to shove a lot of the Democrats into just a few districts (Pennsylvania: 13 versus 5). This allowed them to spread their own vote around in a way that they were assured of a steep advantage in what otherwise would have been competitive districts.

The goal for the Democrats, obviously, will be to spend the time and effort (and money) in places like Pennsylvania’s 6th, 7th, and even the 16th here to let the people know how the local Congressman is obstructing President Obama’s agenda—starting with the Fiscal Cliff if necessary. We need to make the 2014 election an accountability project . . .

[Update 10/10/12: More on this from Ezra Klein (Washington Post Wonkblog)