Former #IBMJapan president Otoshi: IBM Japan will “serve as Japan’s poison taster” in terms of mass layoffs.

This is a quote from Shii Kazuo’s statements to the Japanese Diet committee earlier this around the middle of last month.

According to Japan Press Weekly:

Shii then cited the case of the so-called “lockout” dismissals at IBM Japan. Citing remarks made by former IBM Japan president Otoshi
Takuma declaring that the company will “serve as Japan’s poison taster” in terms of mass layoffs, “If allowed such a poison taste test, the outrageous methods of corporate downsizing will become widespread throughout Japan,” Shii warned.

Prime Minister Noda in response said, “If that is the case, that is something that should never happen.”

Shii gave PM Noda a French example regarding the plan of cutting 8,000 jobs by PSA Peugeot Citroen, the French government has disrupted
the implementation of the plan in order to prevent the workers from being dismissed without security.

[Emphasis added.]