#IBMJapan’s JMIU union says the oral argument for the lockout case will be heard December 21. Public demonstration to precede court session.

Details here at the IBM-JMIU website.

This case stems from the dismissal of three IBM Japan employees on short notice, allegedly for performance issues. One of these was on September 18, where the employee was called into a conference room at 5:00 and told to be out by 5:45.

Fullscreen capture 12102012 12539 AM.bmp

Overseas, this is known as “American style” management, since most industrialized countries have a level of labor protection that our own country, so Southern-influenced, can only imagine. Although, with unions in the North, we did have something similar in the mid-20th century.

JMIU, as an affiliate of Zenroren (the Japan Communist Party), is tough, and loud. They may be only getting 5% of the vote in national elections, and stay out of any coalition governments, but it means they tend to cut right to the heart of the issue when they thrust a matter into the national media. The national consciousness.

“American style” management is highly unpopular in America. Who would think it would be seen as favorable in Japan??


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