Americans are so focused on the latest mass murder (Newtown) that they don’t stop and think these events are extremely rare in other countries.

Having lived abroad, I know it’s a lot more safe in a country that isn’t awash in a sea of guns.

America has the Second Amendment, and a right to possess a gun inside your home, for self defense. But all the rest of it strikes me as material that is subject to debate, and to the political process.

We all get tired of debates that go in circles, and hopefully this time, it won’t be a debate that goes around and around, and, in the end, nothing changes.

Friday, I couldn’t help but think about the Hartford Circus Fire, which happened in Connecticut in 1944. (The late comedic actor Charles Nelson Reilly had survived that fire.) About 160 people died, including many children.

After the tragedy, Connecticut passed the most stringent laws to regulate circus events. Effectively, the circuses were shut down in the state until they could get their standards in line, which inevitably they did. But it wasn’t a matter of loudmouths saying, “well, there will always be fires!” or “NOW is NOT the time to talk about it!”

People did what had to be done.

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