More Japan-side expat blogging news: some name and shame over at

This post was brought to my attention the other evening.

I found the possibility intriguing, that a certain individual, over the age of 20, would be engaging in sock puppetry and sock blogging, about people who post their opinions on Japanese society and U.S.-Japan relations. But apparently a small group of people has been spending the good part of a year documenting this activity, and are sharing some of what look to be extensive findings.

Debito, naturally, has shown his lack of endorsement of some of the concerned citizens’ group findings until more support is released. It sounds like most of the evidence is circumstantial—not direct—but that it is fairly persuasive circumstantial evidence.

My advice, some couple years back to the individual, was that he ought to be careful associating with defamers and other social miscontents on the internet, because of the role his company plays in the search engine industry. Now, this group is saying that what the individual knows as someone who would be involved in that industry supports their assertion that he is responsible for the defaming sock-puppetry of at least four other internet handles. Since these handles and the person himself travel in all the same website circles, and repeat the same themes, it’s made the argument at least plausible that the person is going on about others through false identities.

I believe the internet needs certain regulation, and this latest allegation out there just bolsters my belief.

[Update: As regular readers of me know, I too have been the victim of character assassination over the internet, where the perpetrator(s) did not have the decency to identify themselves by (either real or Japanese-adopted) name.]