IBM US and Kuniya Tsubota ( 坪田國矢 )much more involved in #IBMJapan (日本IBM) restructurings than certain filings let on.

I’ve been a little busy recently, but also continuing to research this point.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the All-Japan Metal and Information Machinery Workers union has been protesting lockout firings at IBM Japan, which are illegal in Japan.

Now come more accounts of the restructurings that have been going on at IBM’s Japan unit since 2008. And, in particular, that Mr. Kuniya Tsubota (the man who doesn’t follow up on e-mails about employment law and contract breaches), was heavily involved in the “resource action” (mass layoff/restructuring) that IBM Japan apparently had set in motion for late 2008. This was around the same time that IBM Japan had breached the employment agreement in the Cognos K.K. unit with me.




 さらに同年10月27日には、管理職をグランドプリンスホテル高輪に集めて、「2008 Japan manager Summit」という名の“退職強要の総決起集会”まで開いた。この日を境に、全社的に一斉に退職強要を断行することになり、組合へのリストラ相談も激増することになるのだった。

If I translate this correctly, Mr. Tsubota, as the head of HR for IBM Japan, oversaw the targeted dismissal of a number of regular employees through an IBM “resource action”, sometime after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in Fall 2008. There were meetings held about how to carry out this unit-wide action in Tokyo’s Takanawa Grand Prince Hotel on October 27 of that year.

Much of this material came to light because of litigation, in various stages, going on in Tokyo right now. The company did not put out any press releases at the time, or even inter-company memos, saying that they were doing this.