Watching an old Quincy ep on YouTube

With Jack Klugman‘s death several days ago, I have also been catching up on Quincy reruns. Season Three. Here is the one I watched tonight:

This is High Seventies, isn’t it? Klugman was a great everyman actor, but the Los Angeles portrayed on the show feels more like Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills Cop than what a ’70s big city was. It’s like Donna Pescow‘s Philadelphia in Angie. The stories were realistic for the time, but the city and the people in it were about one generation removed.

Quincy’s colleage, played by Robert Ito, was perhaps the second self-identified Japanese-American on a regular NBC network series, even though the actor himself was Canadian. I can think only one actor before him, and his character played someone of the distant future . . .


2 Replies to “Watching an old Quincy ep on YouTube”

  1. I did like “Quincy” but as you, its over-dramatization of morbid events knocked it down a notch or two. Not to flame any of your likes or dislikes, Hoofin’, but both Ito and Takei were “unreal” Japanese-American or Japanese-Canadian, whichever, in my opinion. Pat Morita looked, acted, and talked like many of my friends parents…down to the hair. 😉

    1. I thought about Pat Morita, but he was only on Sanford & Son as a special guest. ABC gave him his own show, and he was a regular on Happy Days. I defer to you on who more authentically represented the larger community. All three had different styles for sure.

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