PA Gov. Corbett wants to sue NCAA over $60 million fine “not spent in Pennsylvania”; Temple Japan’s spent at least that in Tokyo.

From the Associated Press. The NCAA fined Pennsylvania State University over the Sandusky scandal, the latest fiasco in our banana republic of a state.

The idea is that the NCAA fine is like a tax on Pennsylvania, since the Commonwealth has put money into Penn State, a “Commonwealth-related” university.

I have been asking, for over three years now, for someone in the state government to explain why Temple has been permitted to spend at least $2 million a year in Tokyo beyond what it presents in its audited financials. (No fraud there, the money looks like it it’s hidden in a “net” capital lease figure on the balance sheet.)

Why is the NCAA’s $60 million fine such an issue, when the Pennsylvania treasury has been, indirectly, leaking that much more into Tokyo real estate?