University of Maryland latest college to want their Japan fix.

Passed along to me is an article in the Yomiuri online.

Depending on how the rent/real estate component is set up, this may actually work for Maryland. If the locality rents the former military base for low money, it’s possible that Maryland breaks even. This is what Temple Japan has claimed—except for the fact that it keeps its rent component a well-guarded secret.

Any number of US schools have been led by the siren song of having a Japan-based educational unit. But few have lasted, and those that have, have had to fudge the numbers somehow to make it work.

[Update: As I had surmised, University of Maryland is already doing a deal with the US military in Yokota, according to the Wiki. The school is also a huge online course provider, so it has more connections than Temple does to make this sort of thing work. And we’ll include an honest breakeven as “work”.]