Amazed that IBM in New York still pretends in court that it doesn’t run #IBM_Japan.

The JMIU’s blog has quite a number of entries on what it tags as the 4th Quarter 2008 “risutora” (08-4Q リストラ) or restructuring.

I was in IBM Japan during 2008, as well as the Cognos unit, and there was never a formal announcement about “risutora”. Just whispers.

But outside the firm, and especially in New York, the top management was very candid with securities analysts in a presentation:

3QのJapan IOTの業績が悪かったことから、組合が危惧していた通り、近年にはない大掛かりなリストラがスタートした模様です。

「日本で「キャリア選択援助計画」を終了させる。浮いた1億ドルの多くを日本での「Workforce Action」(=リストラ)に使い、日本IBMの収益構造をより競争力のあるものにする。」

. . . with its rough translation as:

Since the results of Japan IOT in 3Q [2008] was bad, as the union was concerned, it is likely a major restructuring for the current year has yet to start.

More specifically, there is a passage, such as the following, from the top management of what IBM told securities analysts in US: “Terminate the ‘Assistance Plan Career Choice’ program in Japan. We will use most of saved 100 million dollars from a ‘Workforce Action’ (= restructuring) in Japan to make the earnings structure of IBM JAPAN more competitive.”

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