Quantcast always improving.

I’ve been keeping a record of my traffic for some time now, and was happy to have discovered Quantcast a couple years ago.

I was able to work back, from information about my page, to guess that I had about 200 regular readers in Japan. Unfortunately, confirmation was only in a general category called “Global”—until very recently.

quantcast visits dec 2012 now with japan

This week, I discovered that Quantcast has gone back and identified Japan numbers all the way back to when I had resumed regular blogging in 2009. I am given a total monthly Japan visitor total of just over 400. That’s really pretty good.

I don’t do anything to promote my website, out of the billions of them out there. My style is more to engage people who are interested in the same issues that I am interested in.

The trend has been moving upward since 2009. How about that?


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