Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate seems to be delayed for 4Q 2012

I routinely follow this list, and am looking for two names.

A claim out there is that this list is supposed to be in the Federal Register by the 31st of the month after the close of a quarter. That would make it January 31, 2013. I see it published on a bit of a delay in some quarters.

Although the Treasury Department is directed to maintain the list, it sounds like it would be much better if the State Department had the function. After all, when people renounce (or “relinquish”, which really amounts to the same thing except for the fee) the State Department knows about it right away. Why it’s in Treasury is because of this idea that the relinquisher may be giving up US citizenship for tax reasons. I think there are countless motives for the small handful of Americans that do this, and so State would be the better source to publish.

It’s funny that Congress used the tax reason, and yet lets American corporations defer hundreds of billions of taxes by keeping (or channeling) profits overseas. In a sense, these multinational companies have also renounced their American “citizenship”. But, for some reason, no list of what hasn’t been paid into the Treasury. (This is: citizens back home pay for the farflung U.S. military to defend their interests overseas. Big companies pay little or nothing for this service . . . )