New York Times’ Ken Chang brings the pro and con opinions on a gluten free diet.

In the Times’ “The Well“.

It’s no surprise that some in the medical community are not in favor of gluten-free. Yet others are acknowledging that, for a small sliver of the population, 1%, maybe 2%, avoiding gluten yields significant health benefits.

I suspect that gluten-free actually benefits something more like 25% of the population, but for most of those, the benefits are marginal—and get washed out by other bad diet practices.

When I cut back on wheat last March, it wasn’t really for any other reason than that relatives had a problem with wheat. I started losing 3/4ths of a pound a week, but that was not the goal. When I started doing more reading on the topic, however, especially through Wheat Belly links, I became convinced that wheat was something to avoid in its entirety. And the pounds, then, really started to drop, to where I was down 43 pounds. Down to college weights. Even now, four months after I hit a contemporary weight-loss low, the weight is still off.

It seems plausible that the many other ailments that people describe on Wheat Belly are being relieved by cutting out wheat. We really don’t need it in our diet. It’s not draconian to cut it out.

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