I get a lot of questions about Obamacare. Sorry, I can’t answer all of them.

As regular readers might know, I am involved in a tax practice here in Pennsylvania. As the situation is so, it makes it cumbersome to, basically, do your Obamacare planning for you. Over the internet. For free.

I’d like to help you, of course. But it has to be done in “RL” (real life) and for a fee.

In professional groups I’m involved in, I’m very surprised that not much information is being shared with the tax preparer community about federal credits that will be calculated as early as October 1, 2013—based off the 2012 return!

There is quite a planning opportunity for individuals who are near the 400% of poverty level line. (This is about $45,000 for an individual; about $94,000 for a family of four.)

How do you explain to your client, next year, that if he or she did one thing differently, they’d be saving thousands on their health insurance?