An interesting story over at the Osaka General Union site.


Tezukayama University has been playing a little game with their fixed employment contracts. A couple years back, they decided not to pay a fixed-term employee because the university had cancelled the classes the worker was supposed to teach.

The worker took the matter to the Osaka union, which endeavored to have the Nara Labor Standards Office require the university to pay the 60% it’s required to under the Japanese Labor Standards Law when work is “cancelled for reasons attributable to the employer”.

In the subsequent go-around for the next year’s contract, the union member was given one to sign that said:

“I consent that no compensation will be in the event of cancelled classes.”

This is against Japanese Labor Standards law, according to the union, and the illegality was again reported to Nara Labor Standards Office, which office again issued instructions to the university to pay the worker.

This time, the university refused to pay, and so now a criminal complaint has been lodged.


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  1. Jermaine Uhlig · March 11, 2013

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    If the message isn’t clear, USE the location you are actually commenting from. Thank you.]

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