Correction to Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson’s assertion about me: I am paid up in Shibuya.

Another quick one.

About eight or nine months ago, someone involved at Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson’s “”—probably Ken himself, but perhaps a third person, went and did one of two things:

1) impersonated me in a phone call to Shibuya Ward; or

2) claimed to be calling on behalf of me to Shibuya Ward.

What they were really doing was trying to find out if I was, as claimed, enrolled in Kokumin Kenko Hoken—as I had been since arriving in Japan in 2005.

I had contributed to Kenko Hoken for many years, and probably paid about $21,000 into the system.

shibuya ward letter - Copy

Apparently, whatever this person—likely Ken Y-N or someone he knows–was up to, they got bad information, and I had to follow up with Shibuya.

As you can see from above, there was no outstanding obligation.

I haven’t made this a police issue (yet) in Japan, because, of course, this is like misdemeanor crime. Most of us don’t waste our time during the day having (making) fights on the internet.

[Update: The original accusation was May 30, 2012 at the website. It is posted as “Anonymous”, but it is clearly not Debito. Later, it was discovered, in posts to me, that the person took the original information they had obtained to mean that there was interest accruing.]

[Update #2: My understanding is, that in Japan I am supposed to receive a response similar to this.]

[Update #3: The original material on now appears as “redacted”. I have the screen shot for anyone who would have reason to see the original. As I understand in Japan, though, “redacted” is not good enough. It needs to be something like this. The publisher must do it.]

4 thoughts on “Correction to Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson’s assertion about me: I am paid up in Shibuya.

    1. See Update #2 or #3 above. You can copy/paste his format, and change the name and explanation. You are not being given 48 hours, so it should not be hard to do, for a guy “who likes living in Japan, you know!”

    2. Hello Ken,
      I’m a little confused by your attitude on this matter; innocent scarecrow (wasn’t me guv’?) routine over here, then back at your site with the ‘here we go again’ (roll eyes, sigh) schtick.
      You allowed the original post, then [redacted] without an apology, but continue to refer to it.
      You told posters to ‘take it to Hoofin’ with one breath, and in the next ask if anyone can decipher the post office code stamped on the envelope, only to then say ‘further comments will be removed’ (which they have not).
      Surely, with your successful and complete life in Japan, you have more fun things to do with your time, don’t you? Doesn’t any of this strike you as even being slightly irrational?

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