One other correction on Japologism material.

In my PDF of the material, it appears also that Mr. Eido Inoue (formerly Adrian Havill) is said to have made assertions about a communication in September 2011. As I am told is typical, Mr. Inoue has mischaracterized what was, and done, and then, later, adopted a different, typically more righteous tone.

The contact between us was initiated by Inoue, and for the purpose of spreading unflattering information about certain individuals in the Japan-side expat blogging community and a the Left Behind Parents group. Foreshadowingly, perhaps, he suggested to me that this unflattering information was to make assertions about groups of individuals (as in, if one person in the group has said this(!) then what does that say about this group?)

As you can see, the conversation was close to two hours. Obviously, this was not telephone silence.

Other than noticing him as an attendee at a FRANCA meeting in 2010, this is the only substantial contact I had with Mr. Inoue. He is not a former associate; he is more properly characterized (as is Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson) as a stranger.

Also, FYI.

[Update 4/27/13: The tweet where Mr. Inoue says he recorded the conversation.]

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