One other correction on Japologism material.

In my PDF of the material, it appears also that Mr. Eido Inoue (formerly Adrian Havill) is said to have made assertions about a communication in September 2011. As I am told is typical, Mr. Inoue has mischaracterized what was, and done, and then, later, adopted a different, typically more righteous tone.

The contact between us was initiated by Inoue, and for the purpose of spreading unflattering information about certain individuals in the Japan-side expat blogging community and a the Left Behind Parents group. Foreshadowingly, perhaps, he suggested to me that this unflattering information was to make assertions about groups of individuals (as in, if one person in the group has said this(!) then what does that say about this group?)

As you can see, the conversation was close to two hours. Obviously, this was not telephone silence.

Other than noticing him as an attendee at a FRANCA meeting in 2010, this is the only substantial contact I had with Mr. Inoue. He is not a former associate; he is more properly characterized (as is Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson) as a stranger.

Also, FYI.

[Update 4/27/13: The tweet where Mr. Inoue says he recorded the conversation.]

eido twitter shot.bmp-001

eido inoue havill e-mail 09232011.bmp

3 thoughts on “One other correction on Japologism material.

  1. Your whole blog sounds interesting but it is too unorganised for m to use it…

    I am looking for the latest posts now for about half an hour and cannot get anywhere.
    Your latest one seems to be the one Obamcare, but it has no link to any previous one. And it also lacks the date, which a real nuisance.
    I stumbled on to your blog because of the Japan Times and been have clicking from page to page, because there is also no content list…
    I am a European, living in Japan, no longer really interested in the USA, which I despise (to make it short). Real Time with Bill Mahr gives me enough info, even his defense of Obama after five years of havin a chance of learning, is telling tales about the limited capabilities of americans.

    You see Japan from a distance, which gives you a better a view, and less investment, so I would like to follow, but not with that much effort…


    1. Tyler, thank you for your constructive criticisms. I am using WordPress “Twenty Eleven” style, which suited my purpose for an easily-readable, daily post. The blog originally started in 2003, using an early template from pre-Google Blogger.

      The posts should have a date—that sounds strange that a date wouldn’t show.

      There is no content list because there are over 3,000 posts. I am hoping that WordPress will come up with an organizer function where you can collect posts by keywords.

      I’m not sure why you would be coming to my site from the Japan Times. In recent months, my blog has been referenced in news articles / opinion pieces concerning, basically, an internet flame war going on in Japan among some expats with too much time on their hands. I hope that’s not what’s brought you to mine, but it would not surprise me.

      Thanks for your positive comments as well.

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