What to do when the Japan Pension Service contacts you!

Sounds like enrolling in the Japanese National Pension is an issue somewhere in Japan again . . .


As one of the few expat persons in Japan who has blogged about this, I have been getting an unusual number of hits lately. This (usually) tells me that someone, somewhere in Japan has been caught up with, and/or has gotten a notice about having to enroll in the pension.

And the bottom line is: yes, you must enroll in the pension. So sign up–even if you can’t pay at the moment.

I keep telling people that, and I know sometimes my advice does not get taken. But I still give it. Because not only has the rule not changed, but the government is tightening up on enforcing the rule.

Now, if your concern is whether “you will ever see the money in the future”, I think the general answer—as far as government retirement annuities go—is yes. (Meaning, you must be around to collect the annuity.) The only exceptions are…

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