Congressman Pitts still politicking Obamacare.

This one from Lancaster Online.

Pitts has not been for this from the get go. Worse, he comes across like someone living in the past—say, the 1950s—except not the real 1950s when Pennsylvania was a highly progressive, unionized state, and both the Democrats and the Republicans were more liberal than many are now. He’s in this made-up 1950s, where things were “good” because the 1960s hadn’t happened yet.

Pennsylvania gets a flood of federal money, compared to say, New Jersey. Fifty-something counties of the state are in Appalachia. So to hear Pitts go off about “all this federal spending!” in a county that gets its share of farm support subsidies and even–believe it or not–NASA money for the graphite in the Mars probe . . . well, it’s a bit rich.

We have government everywhere in Pennsylvania, and have for years. They’re even naming the highways after congressmen, in some parts.