One more post about the Japanese pension system, and then I’m giving it a break for a while.

Another back-in-the-day post about the Japanese Shakai Hoken system.


I figure I will throw in one more post about this topic. But after a while it just gets boring, so I am on to something else for the weekend.

Over on Debito’s fine blog, there is a little bit of confusion going on (after comment 50) about which pension systems (and which health insurances) are what. I did an answer on the comments there, but in fairness there needs to be a bit more detailed explanation.

I have been around Japan for four years, but I do not pretend to be the expert in it by any means. But a certain amount is clear:

There is a National Pension (“Kokumin Nenkin” or 国民年金 ), and an Employees’ Pension (“Kousei Nenkin”  厚生年金, which is part of Social Insurance “Shakai Hoken” 社会保険 ) I have already described the National Pension. This is the one where you pay (right now) 14,660 yen a month…

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