This is not the Temple University Japan Blog!

One of the original Temple Japan rent issue posts. The amount of money that Temple University spends in Japan for the facilities that host it is still this big secret, three years on.


(But it’s not like I don’t know there is a campus!)

Recently, I’ve been getting hits on my earlier writing about Temple Japan. My focus, at the time, was on the money and jobs side. I can’t help but conclude that the campus is getting serious money funneled to it by Pennsylvania taxpayers, and it’s being done in a way that’s non-transparent.

I’ve never taken a class at the Japan Campus, but, yes, of course, many at the one in North Philadelphia. So if people ask my opinion, I tell them that Temple does some wonderful things. But in other ways in really smells. (See also my discussion of the Lincoln Herbert and Robert Reinstein free speech imbroglio, where a student who was arguably, let’s say, a right-winger got the short end of the stick from the former law school dean.)

I only get information about Temple Japan through…

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