No paperwork back yet from Lancaster County D.A. (Pennsylvania news)

So far, the only thing I have in writing, on a private criminal complaint I lodged late last month, is the little post-it note in the upper-right corner of this picture:

magistrate hamill office response

Last week, I did speak to an official of the department, who told me I would get paperwork to move on this thing. (Basically, saying that probable cause alone is not sufficient to press a private criminal complaint in Pennsylvania, which is news in some other circles!)

Either Pennsylvania law enforcement sticks up for the laws Harrisburg passes, or they should pack it in. It’s ironic that the very same statute (18 Pa.C.S. 5701 et seq.) is prominently featured at the fifth floor reception desk. The D.A.’s office doesn’t want any taping in its own office, but if you do it from even ten feet outside of Pennsylvania, then apparently it’s no problem . . .