California steps up to the plate with Obamacare. What will a plan cost (without subsidies)?

California silver plan cost (before Section 36B credit)

According to Covered California‘s handy calculator, prices will start out like this in January 2014. The basic Silver Level policy (70% coverage) will start out at $230 for a single person aged 20, and progress—per federal regulation—to a high of $690 for someone in their early 60s.

(The same policy can be no more than 3 times the cost at that age than one for the younger person.)

Just as an example, someone aged 48 who does not smoke, is given an estimate of $376 a month for a Silver plan. If you use “modified adjusted gross income” (MAGI) of $25,000, the Obamacare tax credit is $232 a month, so the net cost is just $144.

What will the prices be in other states? We can only guess right now. But: California has one-in-ten Americans, at least. How far off can $376 a month be from what it will cost elsewhere?

And consider: the Obamacare credit would apply to practically all Americans. (Most people earn UNDER 400% of the federal poverty level.) So California’s calculator is ideal to anyone in America who wants to know the big question: what will it cost me?

[Update: The New Republic on the California plan.]