Johnson in the Japan Times, about Snowden’s Japan presence

I’m a bit behind the curve on one you’ve probably seen already, but here it is.

I am still curious to know why the NSA had a setup, through Dell Computer, in Japan. Would we have to be close to China, to spy on its internet use?

The other delightful aspect of the article is how it brings out how full of themselves these computer geeks like Edward Snowden can be. There is just no self-reflection and humility. Not even a “humble brag”. Any arcane little fact of their lives is presented like it’s this great revelation. “Look at me, everybody!!!!” Not even a conversational tone. It’s like the Facebook feed streaming out into a general BBS.

I keep saying about how the legal system has not caught up with the changes in technology. I should include that social etiquette is still trying to find a place in some circles of social media.


One comment

  1. Zig Justice · June 19, 2013

    “Would we have to be close to China, to spu on its internet use?”

    If you wanted to capture Chinese traffic pretty much exclusively, then yes, most likely.

    Not sure how interested you are in the pure tech aspects of things, but Steve Gibson covered it pretty well (as far as speculation by one familiar with internet tech goes) on Security Now:

    Links to the transcripts. I’m an avid reader, although it’s a podcast.

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