US tells Hong Kong it wants Snowden

From the New York Times.

This guy’s days as a recurrent media sensation are numbered. From the report:

David H. Laufman, a former federal prosecutor, said that American officials are likely to press Hong Kong to make sure Mr. Snowden no longer has access to the news media while in custody for fear that he could reveal more N.S.A. secrets. “He’s a walking disclosure time bomb,” Mr. Laufman said.

If and when the Hong Kong police detain him, Mr. Snowden can then appeal to a magistrate for his release. But he faces another complication: his 90-day tourist visa runs out in mid-August, giving the local authorities another reason to keep him in custody. Should he go to jail, Mr. Snowden would “have slightly greater privileges than prisoners” elsewhere in Hong Kong, said a lawyer with experience in Hong Kong extradition cases, including the choice of Chinese or Western food and access to books — but not to computers.

Although I give Snowden some points for tipping off the rest of America about how connected corporations are essentially given contracts by our government to act as government (here: spying), there were a lot better ways for Snowden to do this. It looks like he took a course of action to cause maximum damage to America outside of America.

The US government hasn’t been paying attention to First-World badmouthers of us. Either individually, or as a people. You would hope if Uncle Sam is doing this spying, they would target those individuals who clearly are doing wrong to Americans. Not just the suspected terrorists.

I get the strong sense, though, that whatever this spying was, it was against people who would upset America’s interest in trans-Pacific business and military relationships.