Snowden flees Hong Kong!

Not exactly breaking news, and not really unexpected.

The US cancelled the guy’s passport, so it will be interesting to see if Russia lets the guy go to Ecuador.   Ecuador has already complicated its relations with America over Julian Assange, so it will be a matter of seeing whether two people double the trouble, or make it exponential.  (I favor the latter.)

It all goes back to outsourcing your government activities to private corporations. Whose idea was this? Whose big idea? Somehow it’s more cost effective to have your spying done by private contractors? This one really belongs in the Blackwater file. (How come the name of this corporation keeps changing, by the way?)

Asking for Mr. Snowden back, to face his felony charges, is not a lot to ask. The more radical commenters out there wonder if the US ought to send a hit team. Snowden is just an awful, crass self-promoter, and that sort of thing isn’t so uncommon among the tech geeks who
come into some good gig. Our country shouldn’t have to have its security threatened by those types, though.