Edward Snowden is stuck in the Moscow airport.

Salon says, other countries are rejecting his bid for asylum (not just Ecuador).

It says something about the trolling internet culture, that Snowden set off his stink bomb, and then cowardly decides to run away from the controversy or damage that he caused.

Mother Jones points to the New York Times piece yesterday, explaining that Snowden was more of an “infrastructure analyst” than a guy poking around online databases to see what privacy porn he could download. It sounds like he was hired to go around the multitude of internet connections and see what could be done, remotely, to screw around with the other end. His activity, and the fact that could apparently so easily be done, says a lot about what a weak reed the internet really is based on. People who trust it for both security and anonymity really need to second guess their assumptions. In the Wireless World, once something goes out “there”, well, it could find its way anywhere else—including some massive set of servers in a bunker in Utah.

Unless Snowden likes living off McDonald’s hamburgers in a foreign airport–effectively jailed–he’s probably got to come back to America and face the music. What would make that great, is that it would give the rest of us the occasion to dialogue about what the parameters of internet use and privacy should be. We really need to update the laws surrounding contemporary technology, and do so faster.

[Update 7/4/13: Courtesy of NBC News, it looks like Snowden is getting to stay in an airport transit hotel. Not a bad jail . . . ]