The Japan Times says that Temple Japan feels excluded. When is Temple Japan going to be more honest?

Article here.

It’s like Sisyphus and the rock a bit. People who know, know that Temple University Japan is a mediocre-for-the-money school. Additionally, there’s a black hole of funding, where the numbers never quite tie. That’s not just me saying it. It’s on the federal Form 990. It’s in the Deloitte-audited financials.

Yet whenever the articles appear about Temple Japan, it’s always old saws, repeated time and again, about how Temple doesn’t get the respect it feels it deserves from the Japanese government. It’s always about how Temple, as a private company, has to charge the 5% national consumption tax. (Elsewhere in reporting, it was once said that Temple didn’t mind being a private university subsidiary in Japan, because as a non-profit, it would have otherwise to follow certain guidelines and strictures of the Education Ministry. Which is it?)

Temple Japan keeps with the old saws. Those who say, “hey, wait a minute, why can’t you answer simple questions?” about the finances, are who never get a response.

Why is it that some in the Japan-side expat community are so keen on repeating the falsehoods over and over? Does that make them true?