Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) online enrollment begins tomorrow (October 1st)

Fullscreen capture 9302013 94749 AM.bmp

No doubt a lot of my readership has been visiting the federal site, from which this screenshot came. Alternatively, if you are in a state like California with its own separate exchange, you’ve found it by now.

Regardless of the current politicking around the FY2014 federal budget, where a minority of the House majority is trying to hold the rest of the branches of government–and us!—hostage, the Affordable Care Act sites go live for applications tomorrow. (You can also sign up via traditional mail or the telephone, of course.) None of this is going to be sabotaged by the GOP, of course, although they may set the economy into another funk as they’ve been doing with their policies for the last ten years.

I really like the way the federal site has been put together, and I like the marketing. I feel that the brand, with the stylized “H”, is going to be recognizable and popular. The fact that the public exchange has been rebranded “Marketplace” is probably causing a little bit of confusion, but the young woman featured so prominently all summer is the face people will remember when the television reporters and newspapers with pictures comment on the roll out of Obamacare.

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