What does Obamacare cost? State-by-state analysis

Via Marketwatch

The figures here are for all ages in the pool. So probably, these are the insurance companies’ list prices for a person around age 45 or 46 (whose gross premium is capped around 1.5 times what a 21-year-old pays). Remember that the 64-year-old can be charged no more than three times what the 21-year-old pays. Obamacare is a real deal for any over age 55, no matter what the naysayers say.

Despite the fact that gross costs are different in all the states, the net cost, after the federal tax credit will be the same. For 90% of Americans, of those who shop the Health Insurance Marketplace, the price you are quoted is adjusted by the Affordable Care Act credit. The net price is only going to be based on what your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is.

This is why I say that Obamacare is basically a surtax to provide its group members with health insurance. It is the missing piece of what most countries call “social insurance”: old age pension, disability, and health insurance.