Obamacare website is down or delayed on first day of open enrollment.

Maybe some of you have been lucky. As for me, I started trying to access it at 8 am EDT, and have had no luck getting to the point where I can see Pennsylvania prices.

What makes it a bit worse is that I set up a user name and password in the summertime, and I forget what I did with the information! The system is not responding via e-mail.

This is testimony to the popularity of the program. There are probably several hundred thousand people trying to access that website this morning. Enrollment for a January 1st policy goes through December 15, so there is no hurry. Open enrollment for a policy date after January 1 goes through March 31st. If you enroll after December 15, but before January 1, the policy is effective February 1, 2014. So the shorthand rule after December: first fifteen days, it’s effective the next month. Day 16 through the end of a month, it’s effective the month after the next one.

please stand by notice.bmp


2 Replies to “Obamacare website is down or delayed on first day of open enrollment.”

  1. If you already have an individual policy, and can’t afford it and want to switch to one on the exchanges, how soon do you need to notify your current insurer (if, in fact, you need to notify them at all)?

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