I got into the Obamacare website earlier this evening!

Just a brief note.   After a couple of days of trying, one of my attempts to log on actually brought me to the screens where I could answer a number of questions to get my application started.

It sounds like the procedure is to verify identity, then determine eligibility for the federal credit.   They asked for 2012 income, and what I thought I would make in 2014.   (This was supposed to be “MAGI”, but I don’t remember seeing that term.)   It sounds like at this point, HHS is taking that information and doing cross-checking against whatever databases they have access to.

I didn’t get to see any prices or make those kind of comparisons—but I know I am “in”!


One comment

  1. Jim · October 4, 2013

    Congratulations! I will soon be attempting the process myself!

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